Purana Quila, Delhi is a Core of Indian History

It took me about half an hour to reach the Purana Quila, Delhi from the garden. I was fortunate enough to get the minimal traffic on the way and well managed to reach the place timely. This old fort is said to be the construction of 5000 years ago and was built by Pandavas in the legendary city of Indraprastha, an indispensible part of the epic, Mahabharata. Getting deep into the roots of Indian history and culture remain always my passion and it is simply irresistible. After looking at the historical building, I could well analyze the colossal gap between the two places of garden and fort. Both are differentiated in number of ways. The former place was full of life and the other was the unsaid story of the ancestors of India. This contradictory moment was making me more closure to Delhi.

purana quila, delhi

Purana Quila, Delhi | Image Resource : new-delhi-hotels.com

map of purana qila site delhi

Map of Purana Qila Site Delhi | Image Resource : virtualtourist.com

Created in the unique style of Lodi’s architecture, which was rebuilt by Sher Shah Suri, some of the ruins still stand today. The fort consists of flamboyant arches, three gigantic gates like cenotaphs in the directions of north, west and south respectively. After many excavation efforts of Archeological Survey of India, some of the decorated crockery and pots were unearthed by them. Finely built with red stones, the fort exists with a past and glorious narrated history. The fort is defined by 60-foot marble walls with three Gates known as Humayun Door, Big Door and Forbidden Door, whose translations are Humayun Darwaza, Bada Darwaaza and Talaqi Darwaaza, respectively. I got to see the Light and Sound Show, which presents the past glorious history of Delhi. The lake near the fort has a tranquil water body with boating facilities. I even saw some of the great structures in the premises of the fort like Sher Mandal, Kairul Manzil, a museum belonging to the Mughal era’s artifacts and Quila Khuna Masjid.

I could recognize about one of the finest historical architecture of Delhi. Purana Quila, Delhi holds a magnificent history on its back with number of rulers. After having a brief knowledge of a piece from the giant history I moved forward to have added knowledge of the exhibits in the museum of Delhi.

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