The Twin-Purpose Based Garden of Five Senses, Delhi : Simply a Mind Opener

An aesthetic project of Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation is based on the communication between two ingredients of God’s creation, man and nature. The only difference is that Garden of Five Senses, Delhi is the exotic place where the nature has been given innovative moulds to converse with man with its ecstatic beauty. To boast the blissful atmosphere to the mishmash crowd of Delhi and to provide tranquility to the hard earning inhabitants of Delhi, the park is constructed by stealing the nature’s nectar. Nature is my best friend and whenever I get the chance to meet with it I forget all of my worries and plunge towards it to exchange some words of silence with it. Honestly, till now it was one of my favorite destinations in Delhi. Each and every piece of the garden was reflecting nature’s own specimens.

garden of five senses delhi

Garden Of Five Senses Delhi | Image Resource :

It was built with the twin purpose, which consists of arousing human awareness towards toxin-less environment and with some spare time to come out of their worries in the tranquility of the garden. It is an astounding amalgamation of God’s and manmade creations, which disperse a message of bliss and illumination. The name is appropriate to assist the domain of essence. The enigmatic allure and spectacular serene are the key features of the garden. The five senses of touch, smell, sight, hear and taste are enhanced by the touchable rock displays, fragrance of the essence and flowers, appealing landscapes for the eyes, soothing sound of the waterfalls and ceramic bells that alleviate the ears, and the mouthwatering delicacies of the food courts for the tongue, respectively. It took quiet long time to reach the garden from my stay place to the location at Said-ul-Aizab village. Precisely, the garden is built on the 20 acres of the land expanded with enormous varieties of plants, trees and shrubs.

sculptures of children at the garden of five senses delhi

Sculptures of Children at the Garden of Five Senses Delhi | Image Resource :

An amazing permutation of science and nature is simply spellbinding. Some of the incredible attractions of the Garden of Five Senses, Delhi are flora with 200 species under one roof, Color Gardens, expansive plaza that consists of stone cut elephants, Khas Bagh created with a pattern of Mughal Garden and several others with loads of beauty added to them. All those were keeping me away from my next place of interest, Purana Qila, Delhi.


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