All the Colors of Life Are There in Hilton New Delhi Mayur Vihar, New Delhi

Delhi is the domain of diversified culture and cuisines, and this was recognized by me after exploring half of this metropolitan city. The second innings of the journey started with Hilton New Delhi Mayur Vihar. The hotel with all the contemporary amenities and world-class hospitality is the part of the multitude Delhi and I was overwhelmed by the managerial staff support. Situated in the heart of the city, it disperses a fragrance of freshness to the tourists from different background. Though I was not aware of all the local places but with the support of some inhabitants residing near the hotel I came to know about some of the popularities of New Delhi.

hilton new delhi mayur vihar, new delhi

Hilton New Delhi Mayur Vihar, New Delhi | Image Resource :

Mayur Vihar is known to be one of the aristocratic and innovative business districts of the city. Pragati Maidan, a hub for event and exhibition is just 10 minutes away from the hotel and the demanding metro station is at the distance of half a kilometer. I enjoyed the relaxing interior and the rejuvenating spa for the time being as I have heard a lot about them from many. The hotel’s Lobby Lounge is encompassed with calm and blissful water body, which is accompanied with ecstatic gardens. One would definitely enjoy taking sips of champagne or a cup of English tea after taking seat over there. Having roots from Rajasthan I preferred to have tea with some cookies, which are also among some of the finest servings of the hotel.

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I was amazed with the classy combination of Indian restaurant with north Indian cuisines and scrumptious delicacies which is named as S.P.I.C.E.D. Being stimulated by the textures, color and shapes of assorted spices in its menu, it has been named as S.P.I.C.E.D. The hotel was absolutely perfect for me with one major reason and that is the Fitness Center, which was complimentary for me during my stay. My accommodation in Hilton New Delhi Mayur Vihar was done in a single bedroom suite with attached chic marble bathroom and well-managed room service. I spent that entire day in the hotel relaxing and pondering on the next places to be visited. I went for sound sleep to wake up on time the next day with a schedule of a garden to be visited for the first.

desi and pardesi food in hilton new delhi mayur vihar, new delhi

Desi And Pardesi Food in Hilton New Delhi Mayur Vihar, New Delhi | Image Resource :


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