India Gate, Delhi – One of a Kind

The scene at the Delhi junction was one of the most astonishing encounters in my life. Everybody was indulged in a sick hurry. Thankfully Sandra was with me, who was a Delhi girl. Her house is located in Chandni Chowk area. We hired a taxi and reached her home in less than 20 minutes. It was an old beautiful house in one of the most brimmed area in Delhi. I must say that these old houses and dense areas can give you a close look at the vitality of the city. We rushed to the washroom and got ready swiftly; meanwhile, her mother arranged lunch for us. We swallowed our lunch and left for India Gate, Delhi around 12.30 pm in a taxi.

I had heard a lot about Delhi’s traffic, and now I experienced it. It took us 25 minutes to travel 7 kilometres. Here I was right in front of India’s biggest consecration to its soldiers, who perished in World War I. India Gate was originally built in 1921 by Duke of Connaught. It was contrived by Sir Edwin Lutyens. In 1933, Lord Irwin immortalized 70,000 Indian soldiers who were demised in World War I by dedicating this to the nation. After India’s independence, this monument turned into ‘Amar Jawan Jyoti’, a site of the Indian armed forces. All these important information I collected from the tile just in front of the Gate.

india gate delhi

India Gate Delhi | Image Resource :

India Gate is 42-meter tall, having its base made of red Bharatpur stone. Its moulding has imperial suns etched on it and on the both sides of the monument, INDIA and 1914-1919 flanked on it. The names of those holy souls who sacrificed their lives are carved on the arch. I bow down my head to those warriors who presented indomitable audacity in the battlefield. There is an empty canopy behind the Gate built of sandstone. Previously, King George V’s statue was installed under it but it has been moved to Coronation Park. I stood there at the India Gate, Delhi for almost two hours. Now it was time to move to our next destination Qutub Minar. I wish I could remain at India Gate for some more time.

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