Haveli Restaurant, Jalandhar, Punjab – The Grandeur of Service and Good Food

When we first talk about Punjab, the first and foremost thing that comes to our mind is authentic Punjabi food. I don’t think there will be anybody on the earth who will not fall in love with the Punjabi food after trying it once. I have a great desire to visit different places and learn the food habits of people. As this time I was in Punjab I got a motivation to taste the food myself and learn to cook them as well. I was there in the Kesar da Dhaba in Amritsar the previous day where I had already tasted a sneak peek of the authentic Punjabi food. Again I wanted to visit the Haveli restaurant in the city, which holds a rich culture and attitude towards serving the patrons with luxurious foods of Punjab

haveli restaurant Jalandhar punjab

Haveli Restaurant Jalandhar Punjab | Image Resource : haveliheritage.net

The Haveli cannot be confined to a restaurant as the rich interior décor will remind you of the grandeur and royalty of the state. You can also experience a true Punjabi feeling when you are inside the restaurant as there are dummies of trucks, tires, bonfires colorful bangles, well, etc., to take you to the rural panoramas of Punjab. This sheer authenticity when accompanied by the taste of Punjab will take you to a different world altogether.

inside view of haveli restaurant jalandhar punjab

Inside View of Haveli Restaurant Jalandhar Punjab | Image Resource : ilovedelhi.in

This is a unique theme restaurant, which has a good sense of hospitality by the staff. The mouth-watering cuisines and the ambience of the environment are quite refreshing. The restaurant has centralized air conditioning and adequate seating capacity, which can accommodate a large number of people within it. One can enjoy a perfect time in the restaurant with the company of friends, family and even all by own. Midnight meals, dinner and breakfast are awesome and filled with the purity of the state. Every meal is cooked with butter and ghee, which might be the consideration for health-conscious people. However, I am an all-time foodie and I loved munching in all the food and parathas that were dipped with desi ghee. The Haveli restaurant is value for money and an awesome place to start a day with. I was truly satisfied with the food and service of the attendants of the hotel.


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