Kesar da Dhaba, Amritsar, Punjab – Find the Authenticity of Different Cuisines

Good food is always required for a pleasurable day and relaxing night. I am an all-time foodie and I love to munch in food of variant tastes. I have tried and tasted almost every dish in Jaisalmer; however, as this time I was in Punjab I was badly craving for good foods around the state. Punjab has its own name in its food and culture and therefore, it was more like an achievement to be a part of the state and enjoy the cuisines here. The quest for good food took me to a few of the great places of Amritsar. Kesar da Dhaba is one such food joint that is known for serving tasty and authentic Punjabi dishes to its patrons.

kesar da dhaba amritsar punjab

Kesar Da Dhaba, Amritsar, Punjab | Image Resource :

It is located quite close to the Golden temple in Amritsar. To reach this place, I had to go through the lanes and small crossings of Amritsar. But trust me, the difficulties to reach the restaurant was worth it. The legendary Kesar da Dhaba is serving Amritsar since a long time from the year 1916. The dhaba has a unique specialty of serving 23 different kinds of dishes in a day. The main cook of the dhaba, Mr. Mehra ensures that every food is prepared with much love and affection so that it reaches the hearts of the people in a much contented way.

lunch at kesar da dhaba punjab

Lunch at Kesar Da Dhaba Punjab | Image Resource :

The butter dripping parathas, laccha paratha and simple aloo ka paratha are worth trying here. One can also go for the ‘thali system’ here, which contains several Punjabi dishes in a single plate. These plates range from Rs.140-190 and serve with everything, including one portion of dessert. The lavish Punjabi thali contains the typical combination of the spiced onions and ginger in an unmatched fashion. The mouth-watering ‘tadka’ was worth trying it. Even the Punjabi chhole and lassi are worth giving a try. Chhach is yet another drink that is produced from salted curd and added with other spices like ginger, little green chili and herbs like mint.

Other dishes which can be enjoyed individually at Kesar da Dhaba are baigan ka bharta (Rs.40), shahi paneer (Rs.85), dahi raita, palak paneer (Rs.75) chili chicken, methi chicken, tandoori chicken, and many more.


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