Makalu-Barun National Park, Punjab – An Abode for the Wild and Endangered

I am very much fond of nature and its resources. I love animals as much as I love the flora and lush-green forests. When I am tired and sick of my work life, it’s only nature and wildlife that gives me true pleasure and returns back the spirit into my life. Whenever I get some free time, I make sure to utilize each and every minute of it doing some kind of research on wildlife. Eventually, India is a place rich with loads of natural resources. Bhatinda is one of the few Indian states that are known for the best wild life sanctuaries and national parks.

The Makalu-Barun national park in Bhatinda, Punjab was established in the year 1992 and it spreads across an area of 2300 square kilometers. The park is located on a high hill land, which stretches from a height of 500 meters from the ground to 8000 meters. Owing to such variant ranges of heights and altitudes, one can find a large variety of animals and birds residing in the park in their natural habitat. Apart from the fauna of Makalu-Barun national park, it also has a rich collection of flora. The national park resembles to a biological park in a more or less manner.

makalu-barun national park punjab

Makalu-Barun National Park Punjab | Image Resource :

There can be found a rich collection of herbal plants, which are used for the medicinal purposes. Apart from all these, there are 47 different varieties of orchids, beautiful wild flowers and aromatic flowers found in the park. One may not find these trees commonly in every part of the state. Several trees like that of Rhododendron, Birch and Fir are found in the forests. The foothills of the national park have a vegetation of trees such as Orchid Drape, Sal, Chestnut, etc. While elevating through the mountain-like national park, you would see a thick and lush green vegetation of other plants such as Magnolia, Oak and Maple.

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Among animals, there are Goral, Panda, Black bear, Barking deer, Himalayan marmot, Himalayan black bear, weasel, etc., found in the forests. About 400 distinct species of birds are also seen in the forest, and they fill the environment with a different kind of joy altogether.


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