An Unforgotten Visit to the Bhojpur Temple Bhopal

Bhojpur temple Bhopal also known as Bhojeshwar temple was our final destination during that trip. We learnt that it was founded by a king of Paramara Dynasty called Dhar Raja Bhoj in 11th century to thank the Almighty Lord Shiva after his disease was cured. After knowing the interesting history behind the temple on the internet I could not stop myself to catch the train to Bhopal and have some glimpses of the temple. It was a sudden plan because after a month I was supposed to join my designer team for an assignment and it might take long time to finish off and I was quiet impatient to wait further.

bhojpur temple bhopal

Bhojpur Temple Bhopal | Image Resource :

The train being late for four hours, it was already five in the evening and it was useless to visit Bhojpur as the check in the hotel was still a pending job and so that day it was enough to rest to start afresh in the next morning. After seeing the mesmerizing sunrise, I took a long walk with a local guide who was just a 16 year old girl working in a shop next to my hotel. As we had reached the temple, I could see a majority of devotees who were standing in a queue with their respective donations to Lord Shiva. When I had asked the girl about the reason behind that gathering I came to know that it was the month of ‘shravan’ and people who had kept fast for the Lord come to worship over there. I could feel the freshness, the joy of worshipping and could see the people faith on The Shiva. I could hear the soothing sound of the shell played by the ‘pandit’, and the pigeon picking grains from the sacred plains of the temple. When I reached near the main temple I saw its architectural construction which showed the craftsmanship of the people of 11th century. The doorframe was made of stone blocks which had the altitude of ten meters and the width of five meters approximately which were richly carved.

I would appreciate the rare combination of religion sculpture and architecture of the Bhojpur temple Bhopal which was creation of the Raja Bhoj who was also an engineer, a great warrior, an administrator and a man with an incomparable vision. Truly, I was fortunate enough to be borne and brought up in India where heritages gifted by so many legendaries exist.


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