Van Vihar, Bhopal – A Unique National Park

Van Vihar, Bhopal was our next destination and we knew that it was a very popular tourist spot in that part of the country. The Government of India had given it the National Park status. However the park is managed by its authorities as a national park. The animals are kept in a habitat which is near natural. This was a perfect place to make use of my photography skills. We had a quick breakfast and started for the park quite early. We were one of the first groups of visitors that day. The park welcomed us with open arms. It was a perfect day with the sun shining brightly.

van vihar bhopal

Van Vihar Bhopal | Image Resource :

The park had enclosures for the carnivorous animals like the Tiger, Lion, Hyena, bear, Crocodiles and Snakes. However the harmless herbivorous animals were allowed to roam freely around the park. We went on a safari around the park. The animals were out in the open sunlight enjoying the warmth of the day. I clicked a lot of photos. The tigers and lions were feeding on the meat that the zoo staffs had provided them. The cubs were very small and delicate. They were running all over the place. We saw a herd of deer on our safari and fed them with fruits and nuts that we had brought. The animals were very friendly and warm towards us. The crocodiles were lying on the banks of the water bodies. They were so still that one could have mistaken them for being dead.

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The aviary of the park was near the big lake of the park. The natural habitat that the birds got here at the heart of nature had attracted a large number of them. We saw a huge number of migratory birds from the Siberian region that had flown in to escape the harsh winter over there. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in this park. The park was maintained very well and the staffs had done a commendable job to provide sufficient food to all the animals in the park. We were really very happy to visit Van Vihar, Bhopal and witness so many varied species of animals.


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