Contribution of Regional Science Centre of Bhopal to the common people of Madhya Pradesh

After some unforgettable moments in the Bharat Bhavan, we had to move on to our next destination which was the Regional Science Centre, Bhopal which was quite near to the hotel. Since I always carried a literature of the place I wanted to visit, this time it was more informative as I had heard a lot about the center from my friends who were into their last year of Bachelor degree of Science. My footsteps were so fast as if I was late for an appointment or an interview; it was nothing but the excitement of exploring such a renowned place.

regional science centre bhopal

Regional Science Centre Bhopal | Image Resource :

The centre was opened by late Shankar Dayal Sharma, the former president of India, in the year 1995 and it was spread in the landscape of 5 acres with lots of greeneries. The surroundings included 266 science exhibits related to light, sound, atmosphere, energy, mechanics, etc. They provided a whole lot of scientific and technological information to the visitors and the students of science. Being a travel person, exploring informative centers and museums have always remained listed in my agenda and so I was overwhelmed with the environment of the center and moved on to undertake this journey which was flocked with worldwide knowledge in most aspects of science. One more thing that surprised me about the centre was the way to accomplish its main objectives of popularizing the role and awareness of science in the common people of rural and urban areas. They even organized science camps, seminars, lectures, exhibitions and other training programs which is a big contribution by them to human welfare and development. While exploring the center I observed that it had collected, preserved as well as restored so many valuable historical objects related to science and fiction in a very organized way so that the visitors can grab knowledge from each and every aspect of science and technology.

Though I am a fashion designer I always have the passion for nature, science, historical and cultural places and the energy to be passionate comes from my daily routine of doing yoga and meditation which added enthusiasm to my lifestyle. After spending a whole day in such an exquisite place like Regional Science Centre, Bhopal I did not know how the clock passed six in the evening and one more remarkable day was added to my travel diary.

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