An Excellent Evening at Leisure Valley Park, Haryana

I was halfway through my holiday when I came upon the chance to spend a day at Leisure Valley Park, Haryana. The first aspect of this place that intrigued me was its famous illuminated musical fountain. It was a sight rarely seen and I intended to check it out for myself. The park is also host to some popular leisure activities and constitutes to be an attractive tourist destination in the interest of sightseeing.

leisure valley park haryana

Leisure Valley Park Haryana | Image Resource :

Picnics are a common activity at the park and I anticipated looking forward to enjoying the fountain view. I also needed to carry a tripod for a little photography in the low evening lights. It was a short journey from the guest house where I had holed myself up for the holiday to the park. There are several entrances and the park itself expands for over twenty five acres.

The place is effectively connected by a metro station and is home to a few of the best breakfast spots in the area. I had an interesting afternoon with photography and found myself several interesting subjects to capture on frame. The park is generally a fun place to be on weekends and is full of squirrels and well-maintained trees. It is also a great place for lovers considering the number of couples who were visiting around the same time. There is a Roots café in the park that provides strictly vegetarian foods and is a good place to hang out and snack at.

roots café leisure valley park haryana

Roots Café Leisure Valley Park Haryana | Image Resource :

thali in roots café leisure valley park haryana

Thali in Roots Café Leisure Valley Park Haryana | Image Resource :

The park is most spectacular in the evening with the famed illuminated musical fountain. Although it is not so impressive as to inspire awe in the eyes of a beholder, but it suffices for a pleasant evening and photography. The fountain is lit once the light of day subsides and darkness settles in the evening sky. The Leisure Valley Park in Haryana is a good place to spend an evening and even for hanging out with friends at a breakfast joint. I did come across some excellent photography subjects to adorn my album. The park has also retained several aspects of its natural roots and artificiality has not yet established a hold on the greens.


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