A Glimpse of the Other Side at Humayun’s Tomb, Haryana

No day is uneventful with a little sightseeing planned out. I had picked the lazy afternoon to check out Humayun’s Tomb in Haryana for some pictures and some souvenirs. The tomb is situated in the middle of a garden and has served to be the inspiration of most of the Mughal architecture, including the Taj Mahal. The tomb was built by the widow of the second Mughal emperor of India. It stands as one of the highest orders of architectural achievements even to the extent of the modern day. It is also the first garden tomb to be built on the Indian subcontinent.

I entered the garden through the south entrance, which constitutes as the main entrance to the garden with the tomb at the very center. The mausoleum is built on a high and wide terraced platform. The walls are adorned with cupolas and arches in the form of cells along the sides. The structure is domed to the roof. It is shaped in the form of an irregular octagon with four long sides and four short ones. The roof is mounted with a double dome which is over forty meters high.

humayun tomb

Humayun Tomb | Image Resource : trekearth.com/gallery/Asia/India/North/Delhi/Delhi/photo489654.htm

The dome is surrounded by pillared kiosks and cupolas that are decorated with smaller ones set intricately into the face of the structure. I spent quite some time walking and looking at the entire structure and figuring out the different sides of the tomb. The structure has been kept in superb condition, and as I found out, there were very little interventions made on account of renovations. There are pools which are joined by channels merging into the center. It was also used by various other royal members as a burial site and is considered a Mughal necropolis.

I had packed a snack for the afternoon and had the time of my life exploring the nooks and corners of Humayun’s Tomb, Haryana. I learned that Indian history has a long binding with the Mughal rule and dynasty. As evening set in, I headed back to my hotel to have a relaxing end to what turned out to be a very eventful day in the interest of sightseeing.

2 thoughts on “A Glimpse of the Other Side at Humayun’s Tomb, Haryana

  1. Great post,fascinating architect.India has a rich history.Regards.jalal

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