Dipping Into the Past at Surajkund Lake, Haryana

One of the major attractions, which lie a simple two kilometers south of Delhi, is the Surajkund Lake, Haryana. The lake is a remnant of an ancient reservoir, which was built in the tenth century. The reservoir is fed by the Anagpur Dam, which lies in the north east. Both the dam and the lake is situated in Haryana and most easily accessed from Delhi. It serves as an excellent tourist spot and the afternoons are especially beautiful. I went by road and it led me past a stream that feeds the lake from the dam.

surajkund lake haryana

Surajkund Lake Haryana | Image Resource : columbia.edu/itc/mealac/pritchett/00routesdata/1200_1299/delhisultanate_early/surajkund/surajkund.html

The view of the Aravalli Hills from the car was exquisite and the clear day sun could have escalated me into nirvana. The lake is an artificial one and is built in the backdrop of the Aravalli hills. The lake is an amphitheater shaped embankment that was constructed on a single semicircle. It was host to a sun temple. The temple, however, now lies in ruins. The lake was built by a king of the Tomar Dynasty in the tenth century who was also a sun worshipper. The ruined temple lies on the western bank of the lake.

aravalli hills haryana

Aravalli Hills Haryana | Image Resource : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aravalli_Range

The Surajkund Lake is also one of the popular sites for ancient Stone Age relics. The Aravalli hills are famous for being host to Stone Age civilizations. The artifacts found in and around the lake date back to Microliths and lower Paleolithic age. The lake is rich in history with artifacts related to the Tomar dynasty and the Tughlaq dynasty. The history of the Aravalli constitutes of a few of the most famous royalties in the Indian testaments. The sunset is beautiful to watch from the lake and the view offers chance for a few of the best landscape photographs if one loves to take it. The dam was also worth a visit and as I found out when I got there, the place was a photographer and culture lover’s delight. There were several interesting artifacts and a breathtaking view to experience. It was a short drive back to civilization as I prepared for the following day.

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