Nature’s Wonders at Sultanpur National Park Bird Sanctuary Haryana

Bawal is home to one of Haryana’s most beautiful assets. The Sultanpur National Park Bird Sanctuary, Haryana is home to over two hundred and fifty species of birds. I had a plan to visit it the very next day I reached. I had holed myself in a small cozy guest house with easy access to the Farukh Nagar Road, where the sanctuary was situated. The best time to visit them is at six in the morning when the birds set off from their nests. They all return at sunset but by then, the light would have all gone away. I headed out with my camera at five in a car I had hired the previous day to take me to the sanctuary.

sultanpur national park bird sanctuary haryana

Sultanpur National Park Bird Sanctuary Haryana | Image Resource :

The sanctuary was a beautiful place with a simple entry way. The enclave that posed as the entrance into the sanctuary was moderately empty with jeeps standing at bay. A lot of people come here for picnics and the guest house is often fully sold out with no vacancies. The first lights of the dawn had just begun to set in when I arrived and the whole sanctuary was slowly starting to come alive. I set off into the heart of the sanctuary with a copy of the sanctuary map in my pocket.

rates of sultanpur national park bird sanctuary

Rates of Sultanpur National Park Bird Sanctuary | Image Resource :

guide map of sultanpur national park

Guide Map of Sultanpur National Park | Image Resource :

A sea of colors rose up cluster by cluster in the morning sky and the air came alive with shrill calls and the noisy chattering of thousands of birds at the Sultanpur National Park Bird Sanctuary. They would all be almost out of sight by nine in the morning as they head off further in search of food and other interests. I had quite the field day with my camera and got the chance to capture at least thirty different species before they all began to disperse. Such a frantic turmoil of colors splaying in the clear blue morning sky is a sight reflecting a masterpiece. I had an early breakfast as I traipsed through the beautiful paths woven through the trees. The one and half hour trip was spent in a good four hours with photographs and watching the wonders of nature.

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3 thoughts on “Nature’s Wonders at Sultanpur National Park Bird Sanctuary Haryana

  1. hi, thats a nice post. I am planing to do it this Sunday (though i heard its crowded during weekends, no other option).

    Someone told me that they have divided the place into two, is that true?

    Also, do you have any suggestions as to where i should head to?

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