A Modern Twist to Indian Vintage Styles

Anyone who devotedly follows every aspect of fashion would tell you that the world of fashion is always bustling with activities. It never does really come to a stop, let alone halt. Such is my personality and dynamism as well. Hence, one could say that I literally took up fashion designing as it relates to me a lot.

I regularly come up with new and innovative ideas for my boutique. Whether it is creating an Indo-western fusion, experimenting with plaids, bringing in bright and neon’s or doing up with punk and pious prints, I pride in saying that I have witnessed it all and all my designs are in line with current fashion trends.

indian fashion

Indian Fashion | Image Resource : indiawires.com/16138/opinion/indian-fashion-industry-needs-to-be-revolutionized-wendell-rodricks/

Lately, I have been following the designs of others as well. One of the most renowned ones from my fraternity has took an extreme step of doing something magnificent. Call this thinking out-of-the-box for anyone who follows such a fashion is sure to be the cynosure of everyone’s attention.

Fusing modern trends with Indian vintage styles, the designer has created exceptionalities – which I really love and looking forward to adapt.

I was stunned to see the typical Maharashtrian-style saree, Lucknowi chikankari, and traditional embellishments becoming increasingly active on the runway. The collections are exotic enough and would simply bring a new texture to the regular party, wedding or occasional fare.


Saree | Image Resource : styleindeed.com/fashion-trends/indian-sari-the-hot-style-3204.html

lucknowi sarees fashion

Lucknowi Sarees Fashion | Image Resource : lucknowchikan.in

The entire collection is inspired by vintage themes and thus women of the present generation would feel more feminine, elegant and glamorous donning a heavily embroidered salwar suit complemented by typical headgear and the ever-famous Maharashtrian saree as well.

However, keeping it unconventional, the use of blue, green, muted silver, gold, and light red has become increasingly evident. Even the use of a typical dupatta has been modified for good and now you are served with a superhero-like cape made out of it. Interesting, isn’t it?

Finally, the use of intricate lace work drew my attention. Taking great inspiration from this kind of work, I am all set to modify the current fashion trend and present completely new ideas to the Indian fashion market. Well for the women, they can put on hold their seasonal shopping for now as my brand new collections are just about to drop in! They would be available for all budgets!


2 thoughts on “A Modern Twist to Indian Vintage Styles

  1. Its so nice to see India in the fashion world.The Indian Designers are creating a new image for the their fashion.Merry Christmas and happy new year.

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