A Tour Of The Swanky Capital Complex In Gandhinagar Gujrat

Capital Complex, located in the heart of Gandhinagar in Gujrat is in Sector 10. The complex is extremely well-laid out and houses government offices and legislature buildings. Organized, clean and sparkling walkways and roads connect the buildings, making for a classy maze of office buildings, akin to software parks housing various companies. The most famous of these is the Vithalbhai Patel Bhavan, a beautiful domed edifice, standing on a raised platform in the center of a circular lake. As our local guide explained to my sister and me, the Vidhan Sabha, as well as the legislature offices are housed in the Vidhan Sabha. Flanking this magnificent building are multi-storeyed buildings linked to the Vidhan Sabha via hanging corridors. The Sardar Bhavan, a swanky, modern building houses the various departments of the State Secretariat while the Narmada Bhavan houses the offices of the heads of departments. Being photography enthusiasts, my sister and clicked a number of snaps of the well-organized, modern and classy Capital Complex, a testimony to the efforts, vision and hard work of the people of Gujrat!

vithalbhai patel bhavan gandhinagar

Vithalbhai Patel Bhavan Gandhinagar | Image Resource : globalgujaratnews.in/article/newly-elected-legislators-take-oath-in-gujarat-assembly/

While most tourist hotspots do not feature more than a glimpse of famous political buildings, a tour of the Capital Complex is a real pleasure! The complex speaks volumes about the quiet development in Gujrat, progressing in leaps and bounds to give its people a beautiful, modern, progressive state, a place to take enormous pride in! While I am a lover of art, history and culture, my sister is well-versed with politics, current affairs and development in various parts of India, allowing us to compliment each other in knowledge and covering various aspects of Gujrat, including the art, architecture, tradition and culture.

Today’s tour of the complex with modern elements and recent advances was my sisters forte, and she gave us an unofficial tour of the magnificent Capital Complex. This was one of our more unusual nevertheless extremely satisfying tourist visits, having witnessed the progressive thinking of Gujrat, we wanted to see the same across our beautiful country!

As our bellies gnawed in hunger, we completed the tour of the Complex and headed to the closest restaurant for a sample of delicious Gujrati cuisine, the prefect end to another beautiful day in the grand state of Gujrat!

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