Capturing The Flavor of Gujrat With The Delicious Gujarati Cuisine!

There is no better place to indulge the tastebuds than in Gujrat, famous world over for delectable dishes in a unique, delicious cuisine. Gujrati food is primarily vegetarian and has the perfect blend of ingredients and spices to bring out a variety of flavors in a traditional ‘thali’ or platter. The ingredients and dishes are selected to balance taste and nutrition and the dishes are served in such a manner so as to present a delectable meal without being heavy on the stomach. My sister and I, huge foodies, enjoyed a meal in one of the traditional Gujarati restaurants, savoring the mouth-watering aroma from different spices and flavors. I had heard that the food is sweet, and did not think much of it, being more inclined to spicy Punjabi food! Until I took my first bite from the Thali!

The thali encompasses of a number of items including a light Khadi, a vegetable Shaak, Roti, Dal, salad, Chaas(an appetizing drink) and rice. The cuisine veers towards sweet. After a hectic lifestyle back home where I barely have time to grab a bite, a full-fledged meal with entree, main course and dessert was heaven! My sister loves tasting new cuisines and enjoyed the meal immensely. The highlight of Gujrati food is the subtle flavors brought out by a blend of spices. The Vaghaar blend is purified in hot oil and added to the daal.The locals also consume salt, sugar, lemon and tomato to prevent the body from being dehydrated in hot weather. Our trip to Gandhinagar was fun, enriching and rewarding, allowing us to sample the famous dishes and desserts of the cuisine from authentic Gujrati restaurants!

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Some of my favorite desserts are Basundi, Halvasan, Ghevar, Shrikhand and Malpua. Mouthwatering snacks include the famous Dhokla, Fafda, Khakra, Kachori, Khandvi, Khichu and Muthia! Must try vegetables and curries for the foodie include Undhiyun, Meethi Kadhi and Sev Tameta nu Shak!


Dhokla | Image Resource :


Fafda | Image Resource :

jeera khakhra

Jeera Khakhra | Image Resource :


Kachori | Iamge Resource :


Khandvi | Image Resource :

spicy corn kichu

Spicy Corn Kichu | Image Resource :

methi muthia

Methi Muthia | Image Resource :

sev tameta nu shak

Sev Tameta nu Shak | Image Resource :

Besides their curries, Gujrati breads are unique, including dishes like Bajri, Dhebara, Thepala and Bhakri. My sister and I had the most sumptuous meal of our lives in Gujrat, with chatter, song and folk dance the locals performed, educating us of the origin of their customs, local beliefs, recipes and good tourist spots, and of course, delicious, delicious food!


Bajri | Image Resource :

methi thepala

Methi Thepala | Image Resource :

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  1. Fantastic post.The food is to tempting.,so delicious.Have a wonderful Holiday season.

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