A Lazy Day Our at Sarita Udhyan,Gandhinagar

Gandhinagar is known as the green city in Gujrat. My sister and I saw for ourselves the green parks, vast boulevards, and shady avenues lined with large trees on either side, providing a natural, beautiful, green shield from the sun. Pavements in the city are a pleasure to walk on, owing to the broad branches full of leaves providing cool shade for pedestrians. Parks and gardens in the city were in full bloom when my sister and I visited, allowing us to capture beautiful pictures of flowers, birds and lush green foliage!

Located beside the Sabramati river, Gandhinagar offers visitors a fantastic blend of sparkling waters and greenery, a pleasing and calming sight for all those in the city. Among the most famous gardens in the city is the Sarita Udyan, located in Sector 9, on the bank of the Sabramati river.

sarita udhyan gandhinagar

Sarita Udhyan Gandhinagar | Image Resource : indiantravels.com

The garden has a vast collection of flower and fruit trees, attracting a multitude of birds and butterflies, a lovely sight for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts. This garden is also a picnic spot for tourists. My sister and I packed a large hamper of delicious Gujrati snacks like Kachori and Khakra, and sit amidst greenery to enjoy the scenic vista. Undulating lands beside the river add to the beauty and charm of the Sarita Udyan.

gujarati kachori

Gujarati Kachori | Image Resource : indianrecipes.lv/

gujarati khakra

Gujarati Khakra | Image Resource : pran-oriya-recipies.blogspot.in/

The deer park is another feature of the Udyan, where my sister and I spend hours watching the timid animals, admiring their nimble steps and rich coats.We took lots and lots of pictures of the deer, an entire herd investigating the tourists, and licking our fingers in hopes of grassy foodstuffs!

deer park sarita udhyan

Deer Park Sarita Udhyan | Image Resource : yourcreativehorizons.com

Many locals and tourists take a morning or evening stroll through the garden, taking in the fresh air, sweet scents of flowers, colorful birds with a rich plumage, wide, shady walkways and benches at regular intervals for visitors to rest, relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

We spent an entire day at the Sarita Udhyan, munching on tasty snacks, clicking photographs, watching children hide behind trees, adults relaxing my the rivers or on benches, enjoying the lazy atmosphere and idyllic setting in this picturesque park.

gujarati dhokla

Gujarati Dhokla | Image Resource : indiankadai.blogspot.in/

gujarati phaphra

Gujarati Phaphra | Image Resource : myworldofvegrecipes.blogspot.in/

gujarati khandvi

Gujarati Khandvi | Image Resource : experienceswithfood.com/


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