A Luxurious Stay at the Fortune Inn Haveli In Gandhinagar, Gujrat!

On our visit to Gandhinagar, Gujrat, we were housed in the Fortune Inn Haveli, a classy, contemporary budget establishment. Gandhinagar is one of the greenest cities in India, with a well planned layout and beautiful architecture, a lovely sight for any tourist in the city. Our hotel, the Inn, is situated in the heart of the city, opposite the secretariat. InfoCity and the famous temple Akshardam are located within three kilometers of the hotel.

gandhinagar fortune inn haveli

Gandhinagar Fortune Inn Haveli | Image Resource : hotellinksindia.com/HotelDetails.aspx?hid=830

This establishment was the perfect choice for my sister and me, affordable yet offering world class services and facilities. What impressed us most was the warm, Indian hospitality, ushering us in with the quintessential ‘Namaste’ and a polite bow. The rooms are large, spacious and elegantly furnished and well equipped with modern amenities, suited for two ladies in their twenties, on a mission to conquer the world! we enjoyed complimentary internet access via Wi-fi, allowing us to tweet, Whatsapp and update posts on Facebook, informing friends of our delightful time in the beautiful state of Gujrat!

Helping us plan our schedule was the front desk, providing us schedules and transport details for local sightseeing in Gandhinagar. My sister and I engaged in a bit of competitive snooker, and took some time off to unwind with massages, and a session in the spa and sauna, giving us the much need relaxation we required after a hectic schedule at work.

Foodies that we are, we tried the in-house multi cuisine restaurant, offering guests a delectable array of dishes and a sumptuous buffet, allowing guests to sample the local cuisine or indulge in exotic tastes should they desire it. One can avail the buffet or choose from the Ala-Carte menu, each serving mouth-watering, world class, authentic local and exotic dishes.

After a satisfying meal, my sister and I went back to our room for our siesta, relaxing after a long journey. The beds were soft and welcoming and we longed to catch our forty winks, elusive over the last week owing to pressing deadlines and hectic work.

A lovely hotel, a feast at the restaurant and a warm, comfortable bed to lay ourselves in, our holiday has just begun!

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