An Inspirational Visit to Science City, Gandhinagar

Science City is a famous tourist destination in Gujrat, one that my sister and I were eager to visit. Being a photography enthusiast, I was very keen in capturing some great snaps of this unique destination. After a delicious breakfast at out hotel, we set out to the Science City after renting a car for the journey. Science City was a comfortable distance away and it took us a little over an hour to get there. Both my sister and I were very excited to visit this place. This is a unique, one-of-a-kind concept found only in Gujrat, an entire complex dedicated to science.

The tourist hotspot is located off the Sarkhej Gandhinagar Highway. Science City is an ambitious, progressive and interesting initiative of the government of Gujarat to encourage its citizens to pursue science as a career, and trigger an inquiry of physics, chemistry and biology, the three basic sciences as well as to foster a scientific bent of mind in children, adults and students alike. A fantastic initiative by the government, I was sure that Gujrat would soon be home to the most famous scientists, professors and inventors of our century.

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Science city covers an impressive area of about 107 hectares, housing virtual reality spaces, imaginative and innovative exhibits, live demonstrations of concepts in science to make it easy for students of the subject to follow. The complex houses the 3D Imax theater, an energy park, musical dancing fountain, simulation rides and other science and technology based exhibits for better understanding of the world around us.

Having an education in science, my sister and I enjoyed the park immensely. Having been cut off from the rest of the world around me, buried in my work, I now marveled at the progress this state has made. Not only is it super-clean and extremely well-organized, the people are now looking to foster education and progressive thinking with fantastic initiatives by the government.

We were thoroughly impressed looking at the vast, sprawling land dedicated to science and sincerely hoped Gujrat would serve as a model and inspiration to others, with more and more such complexes coming up in other states in India, leading the country to fantastic advances in science and technology!


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