A Slice of History and Spirituality at Sabarmati Ashram!

How can a visit to Gandhinagar be complete without a visit to Sabarmati Ashram! Ahmedabad is a very short drive away from Gandhinagar and we had planned to spend a considerable amount of the day there, as my sister and I wanted to sample some delicious Ahmedabai food that we had heard so much about, do some street shopping and moreover, visit the place which holds so much historical significance to our nation; the Samabrmati ashram. It is from here that Gandhiji led the Dandi March or salt Satyagraha.

gandhi sabarmati ashram

Gandhi Sabarmati Ashram | Image Resource : india-tourist-places.com/category/states-of-west-india/gujarat/ahmedabad/

Built on the banks of the Sabarmati River, Gandhiji and his wife made this place their home for close to 12 years. I couldn’t help but sense the aura of tranquility as soon as I stepped in. The old, green trees and the simplicity of the Ashram calmed my excitable mind.  The home that Gandhiji stayed it was simple and well- ventilated. Although it was bear, it exuded an aura of comfort, the sort that helps the mind think clearly. We also saw the charkha that Mahatma Gandhi himself used to spin khadi cloth. We could also see some of the articles used by Gandhiji during his stay here.  On the premises of the ashram; animal husbandry, weaving and agricultural practices were taught to those who wanted to learn as Gandhiji always encouraged people to be self-sufficient.

There is a painting gallery where life size portraits of the Gandhian era are displayed in the Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalay, and there is also a fascinating collection of memorabilia. This museum is housed in a separate building.

I love practicing yoga and meditation as it helps me deal with the uncertain and crazy schedules of my job. At Sabarmati Ashram, I found a nice little in the open air prayer ground called Upasana and sat to meditate for a while my sister went to explore the souvenir shop. This souvenir shop in non- profit and as we headed toward it, we could see a giant mural of the Dandi march. They also have a large collection of books about the life of Mahatma Gandhi as well as his teachings. I made sure to pick up a few as gifts for some of my friends. This is one place where history and spirituality blend so beautifully, in the midst of a bustling city!


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