NIFT Gandhinagar- When Knowledge and Creativity Come Together!

A visit to the National Institute of Fashion Technology in Gandhinagar was one of my most awaited visits on our itinerary. This is not exactly a tourist spot where you can simply walk in, so I took a prior appointment and requested an entry for my sister and myself. Being a fashion designer, this place held special importance for me.  This is one of the best institutes in India to learn anything related to textiles and was set up in 1986 directly under the Indian Ministry of Textiles. Some of the most prolific fashion designers in India who have made a mark nationally as well as internationally are alumni of this Institute.

nift gandhinagar

NIFT Gandhinagar | Image Resource :

The NIFT campus is vast but all the elements seem to come together in harmony. With tall trees and landscaped gardens, this college has a truly verdant campus that gets your creative juices flowing.  Bustling with students, this place is thrumming with energy! The buildings though massive are sleek and built in contemporary designs.  We were taken to the auditorium, and I was fascinated by some of the labs where the students practiced.  In some departments, the students work is displayed too and I got the opportunity to witness some truly fabulous work.

street shopping gujarat

Street Shopping Gujarat | Image Resource :

cotton cloths in gujarat

Cotton Cloths In Gujarat | Image Resource :

With so many departments and so many students, I think this is one of the most well- organized colleges of India. After the visit to NIFT, my sister and I were keen on street shopping and decided to explore some of the popular areas of Gandhinagar which were known to be shopping hubs.  Gujarat produces some of the best cotton in the world and top of our shopping list were purchasing some vibrant cotton fabrics.  Bustling and busy, there were so many shops selling everything from clothing to jewelry and all sorts of fashion accessories. Needless to say, we girls did spend a lot of time shopping. Being avidly interested in photography, I couldn’t resist capturing the energy and color that was all around me!

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Gandhinagar has some beautiful landscaped gardens, and after the high shopping activity that it had, we decided to spend some time relaxing in the charming greenery. Ideal to replenish our energies for an evening of eating some delectable local Gujarati cuisine!


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